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Precise Solutions with Deliberate Results



Console can produce bespoke Lloyds compliant MI and KPI reports which can be downloaded into Excel format. All MI and KPIs are fully automated and do not require any manual intervention when a bordereaux is prepared.

As standard, the “Task Reports” suite provides in-depth KPI reporting but can be customised by date, month and year enabling management to monitor task completion as well as time taken to complete whilst tracking any overdue tasks.
The Console Dashboard assists handlers by putting all the claims information in front of them in an intuitive format.

Effortless Data Drilling

Total claims can be drilled down into schemes/Insurers’ monthly stats (number open/closed/new etc and can incorporate loss codes, all at the touch of a button).

In the standard reporting package, Console also provides comprehensive MI which allows users to review and analyse the performance of both open and closed claims as well as by different claim class and policy type.

Tailoring Reports to Your Needs

In addition to the standard reporting package, customised and unique reports can easily be created to track and compare any and every KPI and MI metric required.
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