The secret of success

Some time around 2015, our sister company  Caytons Law LLP was expanding rapidly and required IT Support. 

Consisting of only 2 people, Caysure Digital was born! 

Caytons Law’s in house claims management team were on the hunt for a cloud claims system, a task that fell to the IT folks in Cyber.

Rather than be restricted by an off the shelf solution, we decided to build our own. 

Under the direction of the legal and claims team, we developed an all encompassing claims management platform that we now know as “Console”  

After making a few tweaks here and there to make the system as efficient for the claims team as possible, we finally settled on our first version.

Soon, word got out and it became apparent that there was a gap in the market for this kind of product. 

After putting our name out there, slowly but surely, we started building an array of clients, ranging from start ups to established brokers. 

The system was a hit and continues to be so!

Some time around 2018, the offices of LLP were littered with cabinets, bursting with cases. A solution was needed and fast.

Drawing on our experience with Claims, we put together a bespoke Document Management System to turn LLP into a paperless office, after moving to their new, prestigious offices in Tower42, they no longer hold any case paperwork on site!

The DMS is a new adventure for us, while we may be a bit bias – we certainly like it. 

Cue 2020…

As with many companies through the pandemic of 2020, work slowed down.

We took this opportunity to completely over haul the claims system, redesigning elements simplifying functionality, making the system more efficient! 

This was an opportunity to really look under the hood of our application and see how we can make this even better.

Web development had changed so much in 5 years that we felt it needed a new look and feel. New technologies, better performance.

So we got to work!

In April 2020 we migrated all of our infrastructure from dedicated hosting and in to Microsoft Azure, enabling us to scale systems based on demand, ensuring that our clients are never sat in front of a loading screen! 

To this day we continue to leverage the offering that Azure has to better serve the needs of our client.

Our Team

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