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Our compliance workflow ensures that no mistakes can be made and you remain compliant against all relevant authorities/bodies.

Every contact in relation to a claim has a sanction background check performed. The system has a direct API feed with Sanction Search, enabling users to comply and demonstrate compliance with all relevant sanctions. This process is actioned before allowing payments to be made to individuals/companies.

Claim Chronology and Development

Chronology and developments sections for each claim provide a record of all actions taken on the matter enabling management oversight, peer review and easy access for audits.

Console contains a financial tracker providing a comprehensive record of all financial transactions which cannot be altered by any user type to ensure all adjustments are recorded and visible to auditors and management.

Conflicts & Complaints

You can register conflicts against a claim and raise them against corresponding references with the system. Once this is in place, claim handlers of each claim will be unable to see details/actions on conflicting claims

Policy complaints are easily registered when required. 

Naturally these are then available in any desired reporting format

Data Segregation by Unit

As Console exists on the cloud and is intended to be accessed from any office around the world; there are relevant data security restrictions that need to be complied with. 

We use business units to separate data. For example, if you have an office in the UK and an office in Germany – while the data exists within the same system, creating separate business units ensures that users in either country/office will not be able to access the other’s data.

Frequently Asked Question

All physical data (documents etc) are held in Azure storage accounts within the UK, these are Geo-Redundant and replicated between datacentres to ensure resilience. 

Our databases are all held within a SQL Managed Instance within the UK. These are encrypted at rest and in transit. 

Each clients data is physically separated by separate storage accounts and separate datastores. No client data is mixed together.

We have PITR on our live environments every 6 minutes. These are held for 7 days. 

This means we are able to restore your data to as it was with a maximum of 6 minutes worth of data loss. 

Yes, our reporting engine is hosted in Ireland.

Non-identifying information is transmitted out of the UK to this processing facility.

We are ISO 27001:2013 complaint. 

We are in the process of transitioning to the 2022 edition of this standard.

We also ensure their compliance with Cyber Essentials Plus. This is assessed every year.

We commission CREST accredited Penetration Testers every year to thoroughly interrogate our systems and provide improvement reports.

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