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Precise Solutions with Deliberate Results

The System

The System

Our robust and highly scalable platform enables handlers to efficiently manage claims from anywhere in the world. With our powerful system you can  guarantee accuracy in both your reporting and communication. 

Using state of the art technology such as Cognitive services, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, our reporting engine can also offer PraaS (Prediction as a service) enabling you to train your model to predict outcomes.

The platform can recognise multiple excess layers for policies and can link policies together so that handlers can track claims against policy limits and excess restrictions.

Claims from Binders can be managed on the platform enabling the individual policies to be attached to the correct year of account while clients can securely access data, reports and claim files.

Policy and claims information can be imported via SFTP transfer or API to either register new records or update existing ones.

Email Integration for Claims Management

Each claim is allocated a unique email address enabling users and external parties to email directly to and from the claim file (sub-folders such as coverage or panel reports can also be given a different email address).

The platform presently hosts over 600,000 claims with a capacity to host over 2 billion per customer

All documents relating to a claim are stored in a customised filing system, combined with OCRing and full text searching – this makes finding documents fast and easy.

Workflow Automation with Task-Driven Rules:

Workflow automation drives task creation and completion and can be customised based on particular requirements.
This data is then available within comprehensive reports to ensure the performance of your claims team(s)

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