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Precise Solutions with Deliberate Results

Document Management

Document Key Features

Going paperless has never been easier

Slowly but surely, our sister company was becoming encased in a sea of bankers boxes and cabinets. Something had to be done before this got out of hand! We took all this case data, developed an in-house system and uploaded it – now we they work without any paper, anywhere!
Easily capture all the case metadata and store it against the matter; References, Key dates, Key contacts, Claimant information – we’ve got it all stored.
Once you’ve added a case, only users you allow to see the case can access information within it. If you want to add another company to the case;
All our documents and data are encrypted at rest and also encrypted in transit, so all your information is kept away from prying eyes.
All our systems are covered by our state of the art PDR offering – This system constantly monitors activity coming into our systems as well as out, to detect,
We have invested heavily in building our own OCR Cognitive Service API that can reliably consume and process around 100k documents a day,
Each file has a signature, similar to a fingerprint. Tapping into this signature, we are able to accurately detect and eliminate duplicate documents within your discovery – reducing the time it takes to review.
Following a successful OCR run, we can accurately build a Chronology of the case for solicitor review.
Unfortunately, AI isn’t quite the silver bullet we’d like it to be (yet!) – so there is still a manual element to the document categorisation phase.
One of the most advance developments of the system was to export summaries of cases. We appreciate that discoveries are a tricky time for solicitors,
Within our system, you can compile and produce your own zips. 20k+ documents need to go out to co-defendants? No Problem!
We appreciate that discoveries need to be shared across defendants, much like the modern day file sharing platforms
We built our system to work around you with security at the forefront of our minds.
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