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Automatic Sanction Searching

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Automatic Sanction Searching

After every update to the claim, after every document that gets up loaded, we run a sanction check against individuals and user defined countries to ensure that compliance is met.

At Caysure, we understand the importance of compliance and risk management in today’s global business landscape. With increasing regulatory requirements and international sanctions, it’s crucial for organizations to ensure they are not engaged in transactions with sanctioned individuals, entities, or countries. That’s where our Automatic Sanction Searching service comes in.

What Are Sanctions?

Sanctions are restrictions or penalties imposed by governments, international organizations, or regulatory bodies to promote foreign policy objectives, maintain national security, or ensure compliance with international law. These sanctions can include asset freezes, travel bans, trade restrictions, and more. Non-compliance with sanctions can lead to severe financial and reputational consequences for businesses.

Why Automatic Sanction Searching?

How It Works:

Data Input: You provide the data you want to screen against sanction lists. This can include customer names, business partners, vendors, or any other relevant information.
Automated Scanning: Our advanced algorithms scan the data against our extensive database of sanction lists, flagging any potential matches.
Alerts and Reports: Receive real-time alerts for matches and generate comprehensive reports for your records and regulatory requirements.
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