This is one of the things we do best

Console is our flagship product, fine tuned over a number of years, giving the ability to manage your claims in a quick, clean and simple way.

Intuitive Layout 

Simple layout to keep the claim screen clean and avoids over powering users with information.

Automatic Sanction Searching

After every update to the claim, after every document that gets up loaded, we run a sanction check against individuals and user defined countries to ensure that compliance is met.

Document Conversion

Each document that is uploaded or imported into your claim/policy is automatically passed through our OCR system to extract the text. We then use this data to enable you to search for keywords within documents, helping you drill down into the right document quickly.


Partnering with Qlik we feel we have added significant return on investment to our product. With this powerful piece of kit, you are able to query huge datasets instantly and generate your own reports. Each system comes with its predefined reporting deck, but you are free to generate your own insights on the platform to.

Using the power of AI, Qlik can also generate reports you haven’t even thought of yet!

Custom Forms

Using the form generator you are free to create your own requirements and associate them to different claim classes or schemes.

Control Feature Access

There may be parts to the system you want to stop other users from having access to. Using the Feature Access matrix you can lock this down based on user type.

Task Management

Each claim is automatically assigned life cycle claims to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks or SLAs are missed. Add custom tasks for colleagues to review. 

Auto task creation to management when a sanction hit has occurred

Add your own workflows for auto-referrals (Eg. Claim over £1m > Add Referral to management)


Meet your insurer SLAs against claims with the SLA Feature control. 

Set scheme specific SLAs and ensure that you remain compliant. 

Reporting decks for this information is available as standard.

Email Inclusion 

Each claim is automatically given an email address. 

Once you CC this address into your communication, a copy of the email will be added to claim file so you don’t need to worry about retrospectively adding in any correspondence.

User Dashboard

Each user has their own dashboard once they log in, here is their self service page. 

Users will be able to see a clear rundown of the claims they’re handling, outstanding tasks, login history etc

Claim managers are also able to see these metrics on individual users.

Policy Management

Manage all your policies from the platform itself, tracking market signed lines and premiums etc

Add documents to each policy and capture customised information. 

Clearly see policy information on the claim page along with additional Excess Layers

Financial Management

Add payments, reserves, costs for the claim, claimant or defence in any currency you like. This can be achieved for both within and outside of XS. 

Export the full payment history and breakdown of a claim. 

Naturally, all information added to the claims is reportable within the Qlik reporting engine.